Gig Recap: Muzzy Mum, Lonely Leary, Streets Kill Strange Animals (Yue 2019.04.22)

Maybe Mars gathered its fans over the weekend for a special Record Store Day event as the indie rock label presented three spanking new 7’’ vinyls featuring new singles from Lonely Leary, Streets Kill Strange Animals, Dear Eloise and PK14. For the occasion, they bought over a trio of post-punk bands, each hungry to lay waste to audience’s Sunday evening. I was excited to check out Xinxiang’s Muzzy Mum and they did not disappoint. They’re young (relatively), motivated, and have the chops. And I think if they shed their influences some more (just look at how the singer holds that mic) and lean into their weirder sensibilities some more, they’re gonna be a band people will talking about come next year. Lonely Leary came out firing on all cylinders – charging through a set that consisted mostly of new material. And I’ve gotta say, it’s superb stuff that derivates quite a bit from Lonely Leary’s established sound into bouncier and more psychedelic territory – can’t wait to see how those songs shape out down the line. Last but not least, Streets Kill Strange Animals made their triumphant return to Beijing. The band had moved to Nanjing some time ago and it just hasn’t been the same. But it was great to see them on stage again – brandishing their mix of timid and turbulent post-punk that’s at once endearing and volatile. 

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