Gig Recap: MoE (Norway), Rainbow Machine, Yan Jun, Kaoru Abe No Future (Temple 2019.01.08)

One of the finest curated gigs in some time (and on a Tuesday!), watching Norwegian avant-core doom trio MoE meld together PowerRanger-style with some of Beijing’s most bewildering and offbeat acts was a class act in turning up the insanity and turning an evening of live music into something unique. How? By turning MoE’s hard-hitting ‘ballet by way of sludge hammer’ set into a sprawling hour long amorphous being alongside maverick experimental artist Yan Jun and drone-heavy tombstone-wielding duo Rainbow Machine is something that needs to handle more. If that wasn’t enough fastcore favorites Struggle Session were on hand to obliterate those who thought they’d be safe on a Tuesday, and Kaoru Abe No Future – essentially a trimmed down version of Not in Catalog (they even had a song where they switched off the amps to the delightful confusion of some). Not an ounce of fat on tonight’s offerings – and likely the last time a show will end before midnight at Temple – proof once again that sometimes less is more. 

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