Gig Recap: Metz (CA), Xiao Wang (Yue Space 2018.05.25)

Seeing Metz is like a rock and roll palette cleanser. There’s something so primal and direct about their music, reminding you how unnecessarily over-baked so much music around the world is. Screw you’re post modern electro pop – give me a shot of the gritty, crunchy, and abrasive substance that is Canadian trio Metz right now


It hits hard and pummels you to oblivion. It’s running in your veins by the end of it. Forcing your head to snap back to throw itself toward glorious self-destruction and annihilation. A vortex of reverb, crackling chords, and thundering drums that plays you like a fiddle. So yeah, Metz, we’ll be seeing each other again. Support from the increasingly awesome Xiao Wang, who are throwing themselves more and more into their performances. And keep an eye out for Split Works continued descent into madness in June. 

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