Gig Recap: Me & My Sandcastle, Autumn Rush, Flip House

Me & My Sandcastle, Autumn rush 秋日疾走, Flip House

Yuyintang 育音堂 2021.07.29

With the typhoon in our rearview mirror, Live China Music revisited the adolescent exuberance and youthful vitality of the dog days of summer with a rocking evening of earnest melodies and distorted fervor courtesy of a trio of bands all too familiar with plodding through the humid slog one day at a time. And really, I couldn’t ask for a better lineup – a mix of fresh faces, seasoned regulars, and rising bushwhackers.

Kicking off the night was Me & My Sandcastle – the lo-fi indie pop troupe that’s been picking up a lot of steam this past month, despite the fact that its members are still in the midst of university. But people love their city pop-laced methadone-paced indie pop – unassuming, loose, and lite as a feather. It’s a wavelength that wouldn’t be out of place out at your grandparent’s high school reunion, and there’s something delightful about that. 

The young, fierce, wiry and messily sincere emo rock outfit Autumn Rush, who in fine form tonight, scrappily digging into their rough-and-tumble youthful vitality with reckless glee. The four-piece have grown substantially since I last caught them last summer – a directness to the angst-ridden nevertheless starry-eyed melodies that’s resilient and sprung alive with wistfulness. These are one to keep an eye on in the coming year.

Flip House continue doing what they do best – charging headfirst with earnest conviction and magnetic aplomb into a wild-eyes concoction of emo rock, pop punk and alt rock – wrangling a sound that touches on everything from The Get Up Kids to Blink 182. It’s hard to deny the catchy go-for-broke melodies and effortless energy the band displays – the kind of music that plasters a shit-eating grin on your face with its nostalgia-inducing potency. 

Once again – thank you to everyone for popping out last Thursday. Thank you to Yuyintang and thank you to all the bands who gave it their all. Till next time!

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