Gig Recap: Manic Sheep (TW), The Claptraps (2019.06.16)

Sunday was a struggle to say the least – I brought back an hangover to end all hangovers from the outskirts of Changping, one that left me incapacitated pretty much the whole day. In a last ditch effort to distract my head from the pain, I ventured over to DDC to check out Taipei based indie outfit Manic Sheep, a band I’ve been kinda head over heels in love with since I first heard them back in May. And am I glad I went. Besides immediately clearing my head of all the clutter, I was treated to one of the finest sets of the year – a full on dream pop sound that full of shoegaze sheen and indie rock highs that left me floored. Singer Chris Lo is the real deal and combined with their drummer, whose propulsive psychedelic-inflicted skills kicked off many of the songs, the band were able to needle a delicately tuned melodic thread through their songs. Lush stuff indeed. Better yet, I was able to catch for the first time The Claptraps and was immediately impressed by their reverb-heavy, bombastic noise rock sound – they’ve been poking away at the scene and it seems the work has paid off – by far my favorite new act of the year. Take that Sunday hangover! 

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