Gig Recap: Low Bow, Not A Single Break (RU), Nathan Borokfa

My first taste of Low Bow since ummm maybe 2014, there was a strange moment before before the garage rock duo led by Risteard O. Deorian with Wang Xinjiu (of Birdstriking) on drums kicked off their set. A bit of deja va; a bit worried; and a bit excited. I had no idea what the years have done to Richard’s psyche and whether any of that Low Bow magic – part mania, part unhinged noise rock – was left. It only took a couple songs but I’m happy to report a thing hasn’t changed. Rock and roll that shakes your nerves loose, I immediately recalled the infectious rambunctious adrenaline rush that the duo provides and their new EP Heavy Days continues Low Bow’s noisy, wide-eyed distant into glorious madness. Support from the evening came from Moscow based pop punk outfit Not A Single Break, who surprisingly came out firing on all cylinders. They may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy their bombastic pop rock tunes. Finally, Nathan Borofka (of Oldy Baby, Sardine, etc.) proved once again he’s got one of the most dynamic voices on the scene – tender, vulnerable, robust, with more than a hint of mischievousness. 


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