Gig Recap: Longhua Carnival Vol.1 (LOFAS 2020.05.31)

Luuv Label, which strives to bridge the shoegaze, dream, and city pop scenes of Japan and China, joined forces with Shanghai’s LOFAS at the end of May for Longhua Carnival Vol. 1 – an afternoon into evening spread of food, fashion, knick-knacks, and of course music. And much like the label itself, the offerings on hand were of the indie pop variety chock full of catchy and wistful melodies. 

Luuv Label致力于在中国和日本推广钉鞋、梦幻流行以及城市流行风格音乐。在五月末尾的上海徐汇滨江,Luuv Label和LOFAS终于合作推出了龍華遊楽場第一辑:集合跨界市集、时尚杂货以及独立音乐现场,从午后持续到夜晚的大型游园会.

Things kicked off with the soul-pop sensibilities of Shi Zhengfeng, keeping the mood light and cheerful. Xiamen’s Cheesemind were next, giving a special unplugged set and keeping the emphasis on their lyrics and melodies hat float by with bittersweet sentiment and brisk earnestness. 


Shanghai’s Loft Beach ride charismatically between surf pop nostalgia, sun-soaked city pop grooves, and good ol’ fashion Oasis-aping Britpop. The evening closed out with a set from raising funk-driven rockers Peace and Wave whose retro 90s flavored city pop sound had audiences buzzing despite its lack of bite. All in all, the perfect soundtrack to an unwinding Sunday evening, and proof that China’s indie pop scene is rising.

上海的独立流行乐队Loft Beach把冲浪、城市以及英式风格融合在一起,最后和平与浪乐队把放克与90年代流行乐的混合产物呈上舞台。这真是一个美妙的周日夜晚,见证着中国的独立流行音乐场景渐入佳境。

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