Gig Recap: Lonely Leary, Solid Liqui (2020.08.7)

Lonely Leary 孤独的利里, Solid Liqui 固体李逵 @ Bandai Namco 未来剧场 2020.08.02

Was able to stop by Bandai Namco last weekend, a top-notch venue located in the peace and clam of Suzhou River and the accompanying Suzhouhe Mengqing Garden. While the brand has two venues (and studios as well) on the premise, hosting a variety of performances ranging from classical to rock, I was there to check out one of my favorite acts from my time in Beijing, Lonely Leary. 

Since I first catch post punk band in early 2015, I’ve been championing them as they’ve risen through the ranks. They have a knack for live-wire performances and razor-sharp tunes relentless in their potency. It’s amazing how far they’ve come, finding ways to further twist the knife on their paranoid angst, cool-headed melodies, and infectious post punk unease. They were firing on all cylinders – charging through songs, old and new, with feral aggression and brutal precision. Now let’s get that new LP already! 

Support came in the form of Solid Liqui, a band that I like more and more with every performance. There’s a playful ingenuity to the way they attack every track – offbeat flourishes and twisted progressions that keep you on your toes yet have you giddily looking forward to what’s around the corner. Certainly not for everyone but as original as they come. 

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