Gig Recap: Lonely Cookies, YouCeHeLiu (2020.8.9)

Wild Records Delivery 野生宅急送 Vol.3: Lonely Cookies 浪味仙贝, YouCeHeLiu 右侧合流 (Yuyintang Park 育音堂音乐公园 2020.08.09)

Wild Records, the Wuhan-based music label that’s has slowly grown into one of the indie scene’s most reliable sources for kick-ass music, sent over two of their finest last Sunday – providing audiences with a spirited, intricate, and highly satisfying offering of indie pop.

Kicking off the evening was YouCeHeLiu (loosely translated to Right Lane Convergence), out of Huizhou. Fresh of their stellar new EP they’re a fizzy, volatile blend of math rock intracity, indie pop aplomb, and refined indie rock tropes that’s equal parts combustible and sweet. With ample amounts of twists in turns in their music, they’re a wildly inventive band that comes close to bursting at the seams but never do. Quite the buzz they leave.

It’s been a good year since I last caught Wuhan’s own Lonely Cookies – whose knack for crafting pulpy, catchy as all hell, indie pop has made them now of the most reliable bands of their class. With sincerity and love for their craft, they’re a band that’s not afraid to lean in their instruments while delivering no-nonsense melodies that lodge themselves into your brain. They’re the real deal. As a bonus, Xu Bo of Chinese Football (and Wild Records) came on stage to help out with a soft-spoken encore – the perfect nightcap to another weekend of live music in Shanghai.

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