Gig Recap: Little Wizard, 21 Grams (2021.09.05)

Little Wizard 小巫师, 21 Grams – Yuyintang 育音堂 2021.09.05

Lean, hearty, hefty, meaty – Little Wizard is essentially a full course meal – a full-bloodied, well rounded and ultimately very satisfying offering of instrumental rock that defies convention. Canvassing from math rock theatrics to psychedelic rock conjuring – the band seems to relish switching gears every few minutes – often times within a song itself, pulling out the rug from underneath just to reveal a surprising jangle-filled epilogue or a minute long meltdown. The band popped through last Sunday as part of their nationwide tour. And yeah – it was a treat. 

An exhilarating kaleidoscope of instrumental rock and roll that left nothing on the floor (except for a broken glass or two) – leaving audiences with a full spread of concise, chiselled and loaded tracks that ignite as soon as they leave the stage. Not one wasted second – it’s the kind of music you feel in your bones. 

Support came in the form of Shanghai post rock staples 21 Grams – who gave an intrepid grizzled performance – with closing track raw in its emotional starkness (a connection to Little Wizard that did indeed act a layer of sentimentality to the night). Post rock only enriches with age and experience, and I think 21 Grams is a prime example of that.

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