Gig Recap: Li Jianhong, Emily Wong, Viola Yip (Aotu Studio 2019.04.14)

Last night – Subtropical China held a special screening of ‘Journey: Improvised – Damo Suzuki’s China Tour And Beyond’ – a short documentary that follows the adventures and musings of the legendary Damo Suzuki, former singer of krautrock band Can, on his first ever China tour. Accompanying the screening (which will drop online this week) were two very special performances held in Aotu Studio‘s backspace that find solace in the sweet spot between music and art. First, experimental guitar lord Li Jianhong find the subtle yet jagged (and often times abrupt) menace within his electrified guitar strings while contemporary dance improviser Emily Wong moved her away around the “soundmines” and studio space of Auto Studio. Later on, experimental composer, performer, sound artist and instrument builder Viola Yip used the ‘electric flow and the vibrations of flickering light bulbs as a sound source’ with two fascinating makeshift instruments – creating a mesmerizing symphony of currents and magnetic tension that acted both as a electronic performance as a visual art piece as lights and shadows danced in the background. A truly unique audio-visual experience and a feast for both the ears and eyes.

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