Gig Recap: LCM presents Summer Dissolve (2020.08.28)

Live China Music presents Summer Dissolve 夏日消散: Kṣitigarbha 地藏, Naohai 闹海, YunJing 云镜, Exit Through Singapore (Yuyintang 育音堂 2020.08.28)

Still ecstatic from last Friday! Live China Music’s first show in their new home in Shanghai went off without a hitch. Could not have asked for a better venue, a better audience and better acts. 

Things kicked off with the bittersweet debut/farewell of Exit Through Singapore – an indie rock trio headed by ex-Thin City member Simon J, who busted out his vocal chops as well as his daft songwriting ability that’ll hopefully be put to use back in France. 

Naohai kicked all sorts of ass – charing through a robust, heavy and penetrable set with lean musicality. They immediately turned it up to dial 11 and didn’t look back till the last note. Can’t wait to hear their new album. 

Kṣitigarbha continues to mesmerize with their bewitching blend of prog rock theatrics, psychedelic wonder, and rock and roll zest – concocting a set that was equally potent and delightful. Seriously there are moments in their songs where you can’t help but have a shit-eating grin on your face. 

Finally, not enough can be said about the young Xiamen ruffians Yunjing, who took a risk coming to Shanghai – to an audience unfamiliar with them – and then knocking it completely out of the park. There’s a raw vitality to these guys that’s rare in this day and age – a primitive almost animalistic charisma to their brand of grunge-infused punk rock that’s loaded with sardonic wit, combustible energy, and dangerous allure. Mark my words, some lucky is going to hit gold with these cats in the next year. 

Thanks again to everyone who came out. Thanks to Yuyintang for hosting us. And of course thanks to all the bands! Let’s make this happen again! 

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