Gig Recap: LBM Farewell Show Part 2 (2020.01.18))

The haze has lifted and the body is mending itself back together. First off, thanks to everyone who can’t out over the past weekend; to everyone who sent a kind message; and of course, to the venues and bands who made this possible and gave it their all. 

DDC has been my de facto venue for putting together showcases for some time now. Our first rendezvous was for the epic (how did that even come together?) Fake Fuzz Fest held back in 2014 – a two-day fest of music, food, and art that put Mr. Gaymer and me through the wringer. So it only felt appropriate (and masochistic clearly) to go back to where it all started and throw myself into the pits of hell. But oh, what glorious music was made over Friday and Saturday. Every band was firing on all cylinders and I couldn’t have been more honored. Saturday afternoon rising label Nugget Record joined LiveBeijingMusic for an independent music fair with an assortment of zines, cassettes, artwork, and other accessories on top of an array of acts looking to keep spirits high (and the hangover to a minimal). Things kick off with Noise Arcade, a friend of LBM for some time, and it’s always a treat to hear whatever fresh ingredients the electronic artist is able to throw into his tapestry of drones and pedal deluge. It was also the audience’s introduction to Cherry Puff (formerly Polly Don’t Drink) who conjured up some sultry, bass happy grooves – lots of potential there and massively curious to see where they head next. Sourtower continues to delight me – her tunes contain so of the most kickass production in town that’s unlike anything I’ve heard – goosebumps. LST continued to bring some heavy club vibes into DDC, electrifying audiences with his drumstick-wielding propulsive beats. A relatively modest afternoon compared to the high stakes of the night before, but one that was very welcomed. A shout-out to all the vendors and of course, Nugget Records, for keeping the mood light and bringing some smiles to the smog-heavy day.

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