Gig Recap: Last Goodbye, The Claptraps, Summer Vapour

As LiveBeijingMusic’s era comes closer and closer to its end, I’ve been looking to do as put together as many gigs as feasible – both a chance to hear some of the new sounds worming their way through the scene as well as say hi to some old friends. Last weekend, I put together a little gig at DDC to reign in our short-lived autumn season, and what better way to celebrate the foliage than a night of dream pop, noise rock, indie bangers, and reverb galore. Kicking off the evening were The Claptraps, who knocked it out of the park with a beautifully intense, heavy set that didn’t hold back on the engulfing walls of noise and fuzz. Dizzyingly good – a set that made me instantly want to check them out again. Indie pop outfit Summer Vapour have no qualms laying on the schmaltz on their pulpy indie pop and why should there. A shameless mix of bubbly Britpop and surf pop, the young band had perhaps the biggest reception of the evening, with female fans swooning with delight. Closing out the evening were frequent LBM-favorites Last Goodbye, whose glistening dream-pop kicks have delighted my ears for years. They’re a devilishly fun band, one that’s not afraid to lean into their darker tendencies, crafting beautifully realized tunes brimming with the existential dread and anxiety that looms with adolescence. It’s propulsive music that shakes you loose and leaves you dazed. Great bands, great crowds, and music aplenty – what more could you ask for?

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