Gig Recap: Ksitigarbha, Loooongish Cat, Yukes, ANK.A (2021.07.21)

Ksitigarbha 地藏, Loooongish Cat, Yukes 玉刻, ANK.A – ALL Club 2021.07.21

LiveChinaMusic headed back to ALL last Wednesday to help send off the Wonton Bureau in style. I’ve gotten quite a kick out of hosting these every couple of months throughout 2021 – an excuse to bend and twist the concept of club music and give the floor to acts that you’d typically not find within the walls of ALL (especially on a weekend). Call it experimental, call it ambient, drone-filled musical curiosities – live electronic music with a penchant for going off the beaten path – whatever you wanna classify it as – all I know is a I had a ball and can’t wait to stir up more mischief in the coming months. 

Kicking off the night was Ankar Arken (Ank.A) – returning from a weekend sabbatical in the muggy humid jungles of Yangshuo – offering up an ambient-heavy and ever heady set filled with drone-based soundscapes, a flute-type instrument, and sweltering techno kicks. 

The meditative vibes continued with Yukes who managed to get twenty-plus people sitting on the floor, soaking in the guzheng-led electronica – a full-service musical spa treatment that stimulated those eardrums.  

Psych rock world music shapeshifters Ksitigarbha continue finding pleasure in their electronic club sandbox – zeroing on the psytrance dance elements of their sound and allowing their improvisational tendencies to find new grooves. A musical universe that’s a treat to get lost in.

Last but not least, Loooongish Cat closed out the night with a feverish techno set that turned the absurdity up a notch via a riotous headgear that felt like something straight out of Ghostbusters 2 (the Scoleri Brothers!) and a never-ending bag of tricks that involved everything from cassette tapes overlays and skateboard guitars. Note to techno and electronic acts out there – it’s OK to embed your act with some personality! 

Once again, thanks to all the fine people who attended, thanks to the acts, thanks to Cab and thanks to ALL and On The Road for hosting! 

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