Gig Recap: Khunathi, An Corporation, SINK (2021.10.14)

Khunathi 丘瑙底河, An Corporation, SINK – Yuyintang 育音堂 2021.10.14

With the season barely clutching onto autumn, LiveChinaMusic threw audiences into the deep end last Thursday for their latest outing, an offering of some of the scenes more offbeat and transporting sounds. 

Things kicked off with An Corporation, who a few days prior had opted to overhaul and rewire their set, instead of cancelling once learning their drummer would be MIA. Which is precisely one of the reasons why I love these folks. Going full-on baroque and giving their twisty, intrepid instrumental sound an acoustic edge was the perfect way to start the evening – essentially a silent film soundtrack to whatever ominous and haunting images come with the season. 

This was my first dance with SINK, who bring a steely detached cold wave layering to their steady, churning post punk sound. It’s slowing burning, atmospheric – an apt departure from the scene’s most prominent figures – relying instead on its carnivalesque undercurrent that’s foreboding and alluring all at once. Serious potential with these cats and will be curious to see where they take it in the coming year. 

There’s something unruly and glorious about how far down the rabbit hole Khunathi are willing to go – they pull no stops in their pursuit of psychedelic gold – charging full speed ahead through shrieking guitars, simmering grooves and pile-driving drums with precision and heft. It’s heavy yet always circles back to its rhythmic dynamics – never allowing the listener to drift too far downstream. Full-blooded psychedelia that remains fun in the face of madness – keeping the vibes vigorous and audacious, it was a hell of a set that had the crowd buzzing afterwards. Dope indeed. 

Thanks again to Yuyintang, the bands and all the fans who made it out last Thursday night – LiveChinaMusic make their debut in C’s next month. Keep your eyes peeled for details.

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