Gig Recap: iFLY! x Beijing Underground (2019.11.23)

A delirious cocktail of ambient music, drones, world music, rustic guitar chords, and sultry pop rubbing shoulders with psychedelic visuals, digital face paint, live drawing, eye-popping cartoons, skewed VJ work, and real time portraits – everyone’s getting in on the musician/artist team-ups and I can’t complain. Soi Baochao, one of the city’s most underrated dives, jumped down the rabbit hole courtesy of Nathan Borofka and Beijing Underground last weekend and good times were indeed had. Music came from an assortment of offbeat characters including ambient world-builder Solent, pedal cat lady Noise Arcade, and world music group Mountain Mausoleum, sweeping pop singer Ophélie, and psych guitar smith Li Er Yang, who were joined by ShuiChandosoSpiritChristo, and more.

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