Gig Recap: Howie Lee X Teom Chen, j-fever (2021.06.26)

Howie Lee X Teom Chen, j-fever 小老虎团 – VAS Live 2021.06.26

My first visit to VAS Live last weekend to check out what next level shit prominent electronic producer Howie Lee and visual artist Team Chen were up to. And yeah, it was mind-boggling stuff – a multi-faceted performance of boundless musical creativity and technological ingenuity – a feast for both the eyes and ears. 

An aerobatic, full-bodied interactive live performance unlike anything I’ve witnessed – it was hard at times to keep up with the elaborate layers at play on stage – from the real-time visual puppetry (quite literally in one track) to the Tai Chi battle between the two advisories whose actions were translated into the awe-inducing theremin-like applications. 

Or the survival horror aspect of Teom Chen’s visual world – with some truly spine-tingling creations that would feel right at home in the Silent Hill universe. How about when Teom Chen seemingly played the saxophone with his friggin mouth sans a saxophone, once again utilizing some cutting-edge visual recognition technology. 

Elegant, playful and deliciously both traditional and futuristic in its design and sound, there was something beautifully surreal and out of this world about what these two gave audiences. Bravo. 

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