Gig Recap: Hoo!, Peach Illusion, DizzyBoy (2020.09.4)

Hoo! × Peach Illusion 桃子假象 feat. Dizzy Boy 舒大卫 Tour 联合巡演 (Yuyintang Park 育音堂音乐公园 2020.09.04)

Popped over to Yuyintang Park last weekend to check out the Peach Illusion/Hoo! tour. And as expected I was the only foreign face in the entire crowd – I’m not sure what that says about anything but their lost, cause these two have captured something delightful and distinctive in their sound that’s genuine and ingenious.  

The evening kicked with a set from Hangzhou based singer-songwriter DizzyBoy, who has a knack for city-pop flavored charmers that may be a bit too sugary for my taste but there’s no denying the musical chops and blunt charismatic of the artist – sun-drenched retro R&B that’s tailored made for this summer. 

Guangzhou’s Hoo! are a precision missile of infectious hooks and alt-rock melodies that simply slap. The energy; the scrappy demeanour; the crisp lyricism – it’s not often you see a band so confident in their ability to bang out one single after another. They toe the line perfectly between fierce punk rock and eccentric indie pop – music that never takes itself too seriously and yet is fastened with such tight musicianship that they must. Hoo! are the real deal – an indie rock delight. 

Speaking of craftsmanship, the (now) Shanghai-based Peach Illusion brought their A-game tonight – bringing their confessional punch-drunk love sound to life with a performance equal parts riotous and authentic. From the aesthetics to the dense lyricism and care that goes into not only the arrangements but the emotions rooted in each track, the band is the full package and has tapped into something unique. Wanderlust captured in every which way. 

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