Gig Recap: Hiperson (2020.09.19)

Hiperson 海朋森 (Yuyintang Park 育音堂音乐公园 2020.09.18)

Seeing Hiperson is always a spectacle – both emotionally and musically – but what I was not prepared for how much audiences seemed to be cued into their wavelength this time around (you know something is up when you’re sweating beads at a 4PM showcase). Knowing the words to every song by heart; uncontrollable outbursts of affection; and wide-eyed wonder of the band’s prowess.

Which has only sharpened over these past few years, bringing an almost opera-esque approach to their lush mix of spoken-word poetry and high-stakes indie rock. It’s urgent, it’s riveting, and the band seems to be in complete control of their sound – bringing frenzied intensity to songs like ‘I Am in A Period of Desperation’ and haunting subdued beauty to tracks like ’Spring Breeze’. 

It’s this push and pull between delicate sincerity and cathartic declaration – between chaos and calm – that has been the band’s trademark and live it takes on a whole new level as Chen Sijiang throws in tai chi-like dance movements, a shirtless Ji Yinan belts out a cappella, and the rest of the band screams (or tenderly) adds their personal touch. Ending with an encore of ‘Strawberries’ it was clear the band had left nothing on the table (quite literally as a 100-plus line of people waited for merch after the show). Hiperson has tapped into something grandiose, intimate, stirring and beautiful. 

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