Gig Recap: Guzz (2024.4.26)

Guzz, Cai Lanbing 蔡澜冰 – SYSTEM系统 2024.4.26

Hainan-born electronic producer Guzz, known for his dreamlike pastiche of traditional Asian sounds spliced with contemporary electronica is simply put, one of the finest in the scene – a visionary whose ability to create lush, fantastical worlds of sound never ceases to amaze me (he ever produced some of my favorite albums over the past couple of years including last year’s Fantasia in the Wind 风中的幻想曲). So was hard to pass up an opportunity to check him out (and avoid my eventual demise over at Neo).

Truly striking work – Guzz performed a slew of his tracks taking over duties of piano and melodica – the latter instrument which has never sounded better or more evocative. The artist also gave listeners (most of whom wisely took to the floor to soak in the stunning visuals) a taste of his roots with – with a couple of repurposed Hainan folk songs stuck in the middle. Really love how he splices and terraforms electronic sounds into something contemporary and orchestral – making me wonder if someone will ever give this man a full-blown orchestra in the future. It’s soundtrack music that’s deeply woven. Support from Hangzhou’s own sound explorer Cai Lanbing of kirakiro and Jimaoda.

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