Gig Recap: Guiguisuisui, Ksitigarbha, Snuff Disco

Gig Recap 现场回顾: Guiguisuisui 鬼鬼祟祟, Ksitigarbha 地藏, Snuff Disco

Good vibes were in full force last Saturday as Beijing transspectreal doomsday messengers Guiguisuisui stoped by the cavernous corridors of C’s – a match made in the heaven/hell if I ever saw one. It was clear from the get-go that audiences were on the same wavelength as the performers, delighting in the musical provocations with mischievous glee, even at times joining in on the fun, as seen here in the last deranged jam session with Ksitigarbha and company – which is probably the closest I’ll get to a Burning Man Festival this year. 

The evening kicked off with a set from Snuff Disco who have been honing their slick cold wave-laced post punk sound – a sultry, steely entanglement of heightened emotions played out over foot-tapping, hip-swaying melodies. 

Guiguisuisui were in top form, capitalizing on the synergy of their act and weaving in and out of their fanatical world seamlessly, allowing for both opera-esque cold wave punk and more sprawling synth-doom pieces to unfurl and breathe on their own, whilst never losing sight of the larger framework of their act. 

Finally, Ksitigarbha continues to surprise being one of the only bands in town who never repeats the same set. Seriously, how many bands can just take their psych prog rock sound and twist it into a trance-inducing club set? Not many. And it’s this shape-shifting nature of the band that allows them to grow and evolve along the way as they build a hell of an arsenal. A hell of a trick.

But really it came down the folks who attended and C’s – you fuckers set the mood for the evening and did not disappoint. 

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