Gig Recap: Ghostmass, Deadly Cradle Death (2021.11.27)

Ghostmass 大鬼众, Deadly Cradle Death 致命摇篮死 – SYSTEM系统 2021.11.27

SYSTEM continues to impress with their darkly twisted and ear-titillating weekend lineups – opting for some of the underground scene’s more offbeat sounds. They’re haemorrhaging cash for sure – but I think they’re heading in the right direction – becoming a safe haven for the experimental, avant-garde, and alt electronic scene. It’s ambitious, but I whole-heartily approve. 

Tonight they hosted the one and only Deadly Cradle Death – the Beijing-based duo made up of veteran rockers He Fan (Birdstriking) and Liu Xinyu (Chui Wan/Sleeping Dogs) – I’ve always got a kick out of the antagonistic assault on the senses that is DCD – a punk-flavored bombardment of hip-hop inflicted club music that feels like something that Brooklyn would cook up in its dingiest house party. It’s a wavelength that can be a bit jarring, but as someone who can get lost in their head listening to straight-laced electronic, there’s something inherently engaging about the cathartic up and downs and He Fan’s distorted screams. Unapologetic club music made for the true weirdos. 

Speaking of which – I was not expecting to be so enthralled by the purebred noise madness that is Ghostmass. The four-piece noise outfit made up of by Yan Jun on electronic feedback and guttural vocals, Yang Kuku on contact mic and hollering into the wind, Li Qing on drums and Li Weisi on bass (both of Carsick Cars and Snapline). A dank cauldron of doom, drone, improvisation, harsh noise, and free jazz – they delivered a full hour of pure unadulterated noise with each member holding their own, indulging into the auditory chaos at hand – one that somehow managed to ratchet up slowly throughout their set.

Noise music for the soul – a fine palate cleanser for the weekend. 

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