Gig Recap: Fazi, Lonely Leary , Lur: (2021.05.21)

Fazi 法兹, Lonely Leary 孤独的利里, LUR: 录耳 – Bandai Namco 万代南梦宫 2021.05.21

Post punk in all its glory last Friday at Bandai Namco as some of the scene’s most vital supporters join forces, each offering their unique take on the genre. 

With a couple of the bands breaking through over the past year, the enamored audience was filled with both young and wilding characters throwing themselves into the music with reckless abandon as well as scattered groups of kids partying in their own little world, strangely detached at the music at hand. Hitting up shows is a hot new thing so expect more of these ambivalent hordes of kids down the line. Not that it matters when you’re in the mouth of the beast, trying your best to snap a picture as bodies are tossed left to right – definitely regretted wearing flip flops.

The night kicked off with Xi’an’s Lur:, a duo I’ve been very curious about since first stumbling upon them during my last stint in the Tang Dynasty capital. It’s always an issue when you’re drummer less on a stage like Namco’s – but other than the fact that I wish I could catch these two in a club setting instead, music-wise I dug what I heard. Slick, cold as ice post punk grooves that utilized both musicians talents. Lots of Peter Hook in its guitarist. They play it completely straight – restraining themselves and placing the emphasis on the atmosphere which again, I kinda love, but at the same time wish there was a bit more energy on the stage especially when you’ve got these cats on next. 

Not sure when Loney Leary set off into the stratosphere but they’re gone folks – riding on cloud nine in rock and roll heaven. No build-up, no easing audiences in – they threw audiences directly into the fire, ripping into each track with ferocity. Kids were going nuts I tell you. Lonely Leary continues to make 2021 their bitch. 

After popping out for my detour to Yuyintang Park (sorry Salty Tomorrow – a band I truly adore) I headed back for Xi’an’s one and only Fazi 法兹 – one of the scene’s most bewitching acts and one that’s been taking more and more glee in wrapping the audience in a feverish psych-infused trance. Really love the madcap energy they give off – a manic convulsion that isn’t afraid to dip into its pop sensibilities when the opportunity arises. It’s a treat to see how their two sides bleed into (and elevate to a degree) one another. Great stuff. 

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