Gig Recap: Fayzz, An Corporation (2021.11.21)

Fayzz, An Corporation – Yuyintang 育音堂 2021.11.21

I knew as soon as Fayzz’s Connection dropped earlier last month that I was going to have to catch them live. The Chengdu band’s immersive and distinct take to the instrumental rock genre immediately clicked with me – a tender, elastic and vibrant collection of ear-pleasing concoction – a collage of math rock, chill out, and jazz. It’s a wide berth of influences and I think therein lies the magic – it’s constantly reimagining itself and twisting itself in new directions – leaning into their warm-hued vocals a moment and slicing in some truly righteous samples the next – crafting a truly innovative and euphonic harmony-rich sound. 

Live the band did not disappoint, going through their latest album whilst slipping into other fan favorites like ‘Neon Forest’ and ‘Bedtime Story’. And in the confines of Yuyintang, it was very much an intimate affair, audiences happily swaying in the glow of the lights and the band’s fantastical world, which seems bound to the earth yet with its head high in the clouds. Like a warm tea in the winter, Fayzz is instrumental rock comfort food for me. 

Support came in the form of An Corporation who continue to impress with their heavy and ominous strain of baroque instrumental rock. They showcased some new stuff tonight and I just love how intense and potent their sound can be – reminding me at times of Wang Wen at their most gravitas and gothic. 

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