Gig Recap: Fauxe (Singapore), thruoutin, Endy Chen, Ollo-mam (Shanghai 2018.07.19)

The bubbly Singaporean producer Fauxe stormed ALL Club in Shanghai a couple weeks back courtesy of Seippelabel (based halfway out of Beijing) and Daily Vinyl (the producer workshop/shop/homestay in Shanghai). Known for his prolific, vivacious and stylish freeform and boom bap cut music, the upbeat and lively producer left a large impression on listeners. Sampling everything from Malaysian Tamil songs of yesteryear, ambient noise, and lo-fi hip-hop, there’s a mad scientist quality to the producer’s intoxicating blend, especially given the fact he’s only has one piece of equipment on stage with him. A master of his domain, I wholeheartedly recommend you check out Fauxe’s catalogue if you haven’t already. Accompanying the producer on this particularly jam-packed evening (which involved me stopping by Elevator to say hello to an old friend and then catching a taxi to the airport for a 6am flight) was Seippelabel ringleader thruoutin, Endy Chen of Groove Bunny Records, and Ollo-mam, all keeping the groove nice and steady through the long night. Thanks for the ever satisfying layover Shanghai.

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