Gig Recap: EATING MUSIC LIVE (2020.07.11)

EATING LIVE 宜听音乐在现场: Zuho, Voision Xi 喜辰晨 & Specials,  模拟磁带俱乐部 @Yuyintang Park 育音堂音乐公园 2020.07.12

Long-standing vinyl house, space, and cultural hub Daily Vinyl, along with the help of local label Eating Music, who dabble in infectious beat-filled electronic wonders that span from lo-fi instrumental hip-hop to neo-soul jazz, brought together music lovers of all ilk last Sunday as they hosted a vinyl market at Yuyintang Park. Featuring a host of vendors, most of whom I never heard of before, but damn, was there a lot of vinyl on hand! After I finally mustered up the courage to make a blind buy on some wax, the evening morphed into an eclectic offering of sounds as Eating Music gave the stage to some of their finest contributors as well as visiting friends. 

The evening kicked off with a sublime solo performance from Zuho (aka Kian), a producer/musician formerly from Guangzhou. Using and manipulating everything from a saxophone to a melodica, too even his voice, Zuho led audiences on a dreamy atmospheric set – experimental in nature but lush in its stylish flourishes – touching upon jazz, electronica, and classical music. Mesmerizing set and one that lingered long after.

Up next were Voision Xi & Specials – the contemporary jazz troupe led by the songstress Voision Xi 喜辰晨 and top-notch jazz musicians Sean He 肖河 (drums) and Guojun Yu 俞国俊 (keyboard). A riotous, sultry offering of neo soul jazz that’s not afraid to follow its own muse and make some noise whilst forging its funky path. Sensual and brusting with flavour.

The evening closed out with a set from new band Analog Tape Club 模拟磁带俱乐部, led by Hangzhou guitarist and producer Zhou Ning and fingerstyle guitarist Ye Zhi. They brought forth a retro-fitted sun-baked concoction of lo-fi indie pop and 80s synth pop – very catchy, feather-lite yet vibrantly detailed jams that call to mind acts like Sunset Rollercoaster, Mild High Club and Indonesian singer Kurosake (whose ‘Fantasy’ is now stuck in my head due to their cover of it). A bit too sweet for my taste, but not gonna lie, they know what they’re doing.

All in all, a romantic, richly diverse night of tunes and proof again that Eating Music is injecting much life into the local scene here in Shanghai. 

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