Gig Recap: Domino Trigger, Solid Liquid (SYSTEM 2021.11.12)

Domino Trigger 推骨牌的人, Solid Liquid 固体李逵 – SYSTEM系统 2021.11.12

Since the end of last month, SYSTEM the new livehouse/club/art space/theater space – located in the Yunhai building conveniently on Middle Huaihai Road – has been putting together some killer gigs which roll straight into club parties. The space is a wet dream for those who dig rustic concrete spaces – a big open derelict warehouse with more than a few Instagram-worthy ‘pieces’ for those so inclined. It’s clear SYSTEM is still in its ‘growing pains’ phase, with ground-level stage situated in front of some curtains and between two giant columns, which aesthetically looks nice, but does lead to some audio dissonance (though it feels like a punk rock fest dream come true). There are a collection of tables on the second floor for fancy bottle service hungry patrons I reckon. And a bathroom coated in heavy neon red that’s straight out of The Shining. 

not the bathroom

I really dig the converted ‘spa’ backroom used for the after-party DJ sets – a compact space that has both room for ravers on the dancefloor and observers on its amphitheatre seating. Its two-tier ticketing makes perfect sense on paper – 150 for a gig and a club night is night or just 100 for the club potion – but in actuality will turn off plenty of concert-goers who like to plan their club nights on drunken last-minute whims at midnight. Nevertheless, I have a lot of hope for SYSTEM – there is serious potential for multi-purpose parties, markets and events and I can’t wait to see what they’re able to pull off, especially once the good word gets out.

For this particular evening, they tapped Shanghai post punk deconstructionists Solid Liqui, whose playful ingenuity seeps into every part of their act, with a sound laced with offbeat flourishes and twisted progressions is always a hoot to catch. Joining them was Domino Trigger, who are sounding better and better, elevating their twisty and atmospheric art rock sound with surgical precision and riotous exuberance. Their sharp, rigid pulsating grooves seemed like the perfect fit for SYSTEM. 

Recommend everyone check out the future in the upcoming weeks – some killer shows coming up. Have a look. 

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