Gig Recap: Dirty Fingers (Neo Bar 2020.05.13)

It occurred to me within the first five minutes of Dirty Fingers set that this was my first live rock gig since January. And by the looks of it – this was the first show for many others as young riotous boys and girls giddily threw themselves into a frenzy during the Shanghai band’s set last night.


And what a return – with Zichao Li of The Molds and Sleeping Dogs taking over on drum duties there was excitement in the air, as the band jumped into their catalogue, both old and new, with vigorous fervor.

昨晚,上海乐队脏手指找来The Molds和睡狗的子超代替子龙打鼓,给熟悉的曲调带来了新的刺激。

Sing-a-longs, beer sprayings, bottles being knocked over, and audience members hurling themselves recklessly into one another – it was a hell of a way to kick off the summer season and proof again that Neo Bar is one of Shanghai’s best kept secrets.


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