Gig Recap: Diels-Alder, autumngo, Foster Parents (2020.06.07)

I’m one to throw in the towel come Sunday night. Particularly when coming out of a double-header weekend. But something about the sweet scent of emo rock drew me out of my cave earlier this month and in return one of the best debuts of a band I’ve seen in some time.

A lineup featuring some (very) fresh-faced bands on tour, the night kicked off with the brutally young autumngo out of Hangzhou. Shy, wistful and earnest, it looked like they walked out of a university cafeteria. And while they may have lacked the stage presence of more established bands in their genre, the mood they struck was one full of youthful vitality and it fit like a glove.

The true discoveries of the evening were Diels-Alder, a motley crew of young, highly educated math rock peddling emo rockers busy getting their PhDs in various cities around the country (and even Norway). That would explain the lack of buzz surrounding them, but in no way explains how tight they sounded. Serious chops, polished songwriting, and an air of awareness that you often don’t see in up and comers. They know exactly the sound they’re aiming for and don’t waste any time getting there. It’ll be a shame if we don’t get to see them hitting the stage again before next year cause they’re got it.

Finally, it’s been too long since I’ve last caught Foster Parents who have really tighten up every loose end on their two-man ship and absolutely owned the stage. There’s something emotionally resonant about the duo’s wildly inventive instrumental arrangements, that build and build, one layer at a time, till you’re too far gone and swaying tenderly side to side. A feat that sneaks up on you every time.

Or proof that nothing cures a Sunday hangover like some good ol fashion math-laced emo rock tunes.

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