Gig Recap: Deep Water, Ksitigarbha (2020.12.03)

Deep Water, Ksitigarbha 地藏 (Yuyintang 育音堂 2020.12.03)

Stopped by Yuyintang last week to check out Deep Water, the Chengdu band that’s been stirring up noise over the past year with their dance dream pop. Slick, sultry, with just enough lo-fi indie grit to keep it from falling into kitsch, the band know what they’re aiming for and are all the better for it. And while it may not be reinventing the wheel, they know their way around a hook – can’t tell you how of their songs are still lingering in my head nearly a week later. 

Between the leader singer’s hypnotically stoically smoky vocals, the buoyant yet submerged electronic elements, and some slick guitar riffs and soul-cutting basslines, they tap into something both detached and tender. 

Support came in form of Shanghai’s offbeat world music prog rockers Kṣitigarbha, who really are indescribable. They haven’t disappointed me once this year, and just get a kick out of how much fun they’re having on stage.

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