Gig Recap: Deadly Cradle Death, Simon Frank, sourtower (2019.06.30)

Finally had an opportunity to check out fRUITYSPACE newest collaborative space with C5 Art Space in Sanlitun (think behind the German Embassy) — aptly called Frequent Collaborative. The space really is something – a callback to intimate art gallery showcases with the added bonus of an open air courtyard makeshift bar that’s dare I say romantic. The type of venue that feels secluded, offbeat and sophisticated all at once, I really hope that it takes off and fRUITYSPACE keeps throwing shows there in the future.

For the occasion, three devilishly fine acts whose sound palette fall in the cold wave electronic post punk realm. Duo Deadly Cradle Death, whose toxic, anti-club music remains one of my favorite things to witness let it all out – a bombastic assault on the senses that gloriously veers off into the deep end and revels in undertones of hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, and experimental music. Can’t wait for them to whip together an album.  

Joining them was post-punk solo act Simon Frank, whose time over at Zhao Dai has clearly rubbed off – as the artist seamlessly jumped from one cold-wave infected banger after another giving a highly energetic dancehall ready set.

Opening the evening was sourtower, one of this year’s most intriguing new acts, and now a solo female-led act whose groovy, retro and darkly fun sound was helped out by visual artist and illustrator yayeci aka Vision. Come them coming FC! 


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