Gig Recap: Daytrip Dormancy, Frankfurt Helmet, Ruining (2020.06.29)

Modular synthesizers galore at Modern Sky Lab a couple of weeks back with an eclectic batch of acts who approach electronic music as an art form, using their equipment akin to paintbrushes as they conjured up delightfully intricate and invigorating soundscapes. Which makes sense, given the musical background of the members behind Daytrip Dormancy, Frankfurt Helmet, and Ruining, each of whom cut their teeth in bands over the past decade (bands such as DOC, AV Okubo, Cod New, Islet). 

From the wry and emotionally fluid wirings of Daytrip Dormancy to the more rigid and cool-hued framework of Frankfurt Helmet (as well as some top-notch visuals), to finally the rich exhibitionist quality of Ruining’s piece, each artist brought something unique to the ears of attendees, injecting personality, wit, and sophistication into their sets.  

And while Modern Sky LAb’s space is anything but small, this was very much an intimate showcase of ‘just friends’ exploring electronic music with novelty. 

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