Gig Recap: David Thomas Broughton (UK), Run Run Run (Yue Space 2017.07.03)

To say I knew little of the offbeat Yorkshire troubadour David Thomas Broughton is an understatement. But goodness gracious – am I glad I took my friend’s advice and snuck in this gig before jumping on a plane the next morning. Part comic act (more in line with Andy Kaufman), part alt folk (think Father John Misty or Devendra Banhart), there’s something strangely beautiful about seeing a performer lay it on thick, even within the confines of a empty venue on a Tuesday night. Looping intimate chords, acting out deadpan physical comedy, and evening singing alongside the jarring sonata of a rape alarm, I have nothing heard or seen anything quite like the artist. Surreal, spontaneous, intimate, and awkwardness all wrapped up together, I can’t tell you how much I was in awe of the artist, who was capping off a mini China tour before moving back to the UK (courtesy of Sense Club Records out of Wuhan). Supporting act came in form of Run Run Run, the Guizhou raised band that’s been hanging around Beijing all summer – full of jammy noise rock that sneaks on you as musical themes and melodies emerge from their dense guitar filled tunes. Definitely worth checking out.  

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