Gig Recap: Crocodelia, Underdog (2019.07.12)

There’s nothing sexier than some dusty blues-heavy psychedelia and Crocodelia delivered that in spades last weekend at Yue Space. With heavy amounts of surf and fuzzy garage rock stuffed into their tight jeans, the Taiwanese band call to mind everyone from The Electric Prunes to The Black Keys. And while they claim their music dwelles in the 50s and 60s, there definitely is a modern touch to their sound that’s not afraid to get tongue in cheek with its uptempo pop sensibilities before dovetailing into a guitar-heavy psychedelic swirl that’s moody and foreboding. Simply put, they’re a band tailor-made for a live stage and they didn’t disappoint. Support from the always reliable Underdog, whose retro sound has always delights me – the band is ska punk at its purest – no nonsense – just sweet danceable tunes full of rustic charm.  

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