Gig Recap: Chui Wan (Yugong Yishan 2017.09.01)

Psychedelic groovers Chui Wan have always been a decisive band among my circles of friends. For every person who’s been with them from the start, there are two more who loathe their, at many times, meandering sound. While I remember the good ol days of Chui Wan producing musical havoc at D-22, it took a couple more years for me to get on their wavelength, albeit it’s one that’s constantly changing. And while the band does sometimes take their melodies and grooves too far off the beaten path, I’ve come to dug the esoteric and downright dank vibes they’re pushing and they’re truly one of the bands here who have carved their own little world of sound. The band released their third LP The Landscape the Tropics Never Had earlier this month at Yugong Yishan to their loyal legions of fans and it’s an striking poised head-trip definitely worth taking.


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