Gig Recap: Chinese Football (2021.11.26)

Chinese Football – Modernsky Lab 2021.11.26

Since naming themselves Chinese Football ten years ago (as a joke mind you), the Wuhan emo rock act has slowly risen through the ranks of the indie music scene – supplying audience with its playful yet tender instrumental breakdowns, honest and bleeding heart lyricism and it’s enveloping melodies full of crusading angst that often overflow into uplifting anthems. 

To see them sell out a 1000-plus seat venue carried quite the emotional weight for the band, which in many ways, through their labels, cross-national appeal, and craftsmanship, have paved the way for a new generation of indie kids here in China. Integrity goes a long way and Chinese Football have it in spades. 

For their Shanghai stop (in the midst of their fifty plus city tour) the vigorous band reached into their deep catalogue for a nonstop two hour long set of pure, unfiltered emo rock. No fancy LED visuals, no special celebrity guests, no ska renditions of their most popular tracks (my mind is wandering quite a bit) – just four musicians lined up across the stage doing what they do best (and yes, even sneaking in a few new songs). 

A testament to work the bands has put in over the years and an ode to the bond they’ve built with audiences since then. Respect. 

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