Gig Recap: Caliph-8 (PH), Dee, Atelier II, L~N, Wang Ziheng

The one and only Dee, the beautiful, mischievous, and unpredictable sound shifter of the Beijing experimental scene who moved to greener (and more madcap) pastures in Shanghai last year, returned to his rightful home last week. And with some very good company – Caliph-8 – the one of a kind, awe-inspiring, insanely talented Manila-based producer who straight up those fortunate enough to be present at Yue Space. A deep dive into hip-hop, experimental, folk, no wave, sound art, soul, rare grooves, exotica, krautrock, jazz, psychedelia – my friend (a fellow electronic producer) said it best – ‘it’s as if something took the sound a collapsing building and slowed it down a hundred times’. That wasn’t all curious listeners were in store for – Shanghai producer Loads Nothing aka L~N was also on hand, giving a high-octane, improvisational, and wonderfully offbeat set. Plus drone duo Atelier II, who are refining their craft more and more and saxophonist improv madman Wang Ziheng, who commanded the spotlight. Finally, Dee showed off his tender singing voice before wildly going into the abyss with the help of some friends, much to the delight of just about everyone. So yeah, Yue Space getting its freak on a Thursday night – my kind of jam.

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