Gig Recap: Brain Failure, Bad News, Underground Kidz (Xi’an 2019.08.09)

Chalk it up to nostalgia or the wildly active and happy-go-lucky local Xi’an audience, but catching Brain Failure again after a solid five years (and since the band lost frontman Xiao Rong) was such a rush, it has me kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Not even having bassist Kinbo stuck in a wheelchair was able to diminish the charisma and rock and roll chops they’ve managed to solidified into druug form – a high that that kicks in immediately and doesn’t let go till look after the lights have dimmed down. Tight, energetic, and not missing a beat, it was an hour and change of pure unadulterated old school rock and roll fun that had the crowd in a frenzy from start to finish. One of the band’s finest attributes continues to be their ability to connect and put themselves on the same level as their fans – allowing their songs to feel just as much yours as theirs. Held at the new and improved Sixteen Club in the up and coming southwestern part of the city, the show was supported by two equally charismatic bands – first up were local heroes Bad News – an Oi! punk band that’s’ been kicking around Xi’an and stirring up trouble for just about ever. The biggest (well smallest) surprise of the night was Underground Kidz, a pint-sized punk band consisting of three kick-ass kids in their no older than twelve, lead by the Pied Piper-esque madman lead singer of veteran punk band Rui Wang Fen. All kinds of awesome there. But really, props to Xi’an for coming out in full force on a Sunday evening!


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