Gig Recap: BowAsWell, Natural High (2021.07.23)

BowAsWell, Natural High – Bandai Namco 万代南梦宫 2021.07.23

It’s all about the wavelength with acts like BowAsWell – the intoxicating fusion of jazz, neo-psychedelic music and downtempo electronica, led by the multi-instrumental and virtuoso producer Zhang Yichi. You either jump on and let it take you or you resist. Because if you’re looking to be knocked back on your ass and throwing your body with reckless abandon into a sea of people you’d be sorely disappointed. But if you’re looking to let your limbs loose, close your eyes and drift off to some unknown paradise deep within the recesses of your mind, then jump on in. 

Washed out vocals, sexy synthesizers, and some groovtastic melodies that recall everyone from Rhye, Thundercat and Tama Impala, BowAsWell, filled out with skilled performers like Abing (of Sleeping Dogs), Liu Zifeng and Guoji Erzu, it’s the perfect summer vacation – a sensual, playful, elastic, and ultimately relaxing refrain from the urban hustle. And yeah, just want I needed come Friday night. 

Support came in the form of Hangzhou based city pop smooth-sayers Natural High (formerly Analog Tape Club) who have picked up their considerably since I caught them last year. Genre-wise it’s not exactly a hill I’d die on, but when they cut loose and lean into their jammy jazz room honed tendencies, it’s quite something.

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