Gig Recap: Blastfemme (BR), Lonely Leary, thruoutin, Xiao Wang

A blast of feminist punk straight out of Brazil, last Friday’s showcase at DDC was a whiplash inducing good time of rock and roll and dangerously deviant sounds as Subtropical Asia hosted Blastfemme – the disco punk scorchers of the underground punk scene in Rio de Janeiro. The band was firing on all cylinders, whipping the crowd into a frenzy with their aggressively bombastic attitude and fist pumping worthy anthems. It certainly helped that the lead up to them was equally compelling as post-punk darlings Lonely Leary showed off some of their new tunes, thruoutin induced some humid club grooves, and Xiao Wang strutted their incredibly addictive punk-filled antics that may me recall Hang on the Box in their glory days. All in all, a rambunctiously glorious evening. 

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