Birdstriking, Mr. Graceless, Agoraphobia (Yue Space 16.12.2016)

“What’s with this high school shit?” was the question asked to me by my lady friend midway through Mr. Graceless’s set as gaggles of girls clutched both their phones and their hearts. Yes, after quite some time away the indie pop trio was back in the graces of their fans sweet as ever. I’ve always had a soft spot for the sugary sweet indie rock of Mr. Graceless, and it doesn\’t seem like they’ve lost a bit of their charm. Let’s hope their forthcoming sophomore release, due out next week, brings the band back into the spotlight. ‘High school shit’ indeed but that’s a plus in my book. Speaking of which, I was mighty impressed by the emo-tinted, melodic stylings of openers Agoraphobia – a band that I’m definitely going to keep a close up on in the upcoming year.


Lots of potential there. However, the night belonged to Birdstriking, a band that had always brought their A-game. This evening they sported their latest material, which is definitely a lot catchy than their previous stuff. It still kicks ass and brings the noise (especially with the extra guitar really beefing up those bridges) but there’s a lot more melody driving these new takes. And we got a special Swansea-inspired cover of ‘Indian Summer’ by Beat Happening – which strangely enough is now about the renowned club and its former manager, Garry Monk.



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