Gig Recap: Bayan Dalai, Xiao Liu (Yichang Cafe 2017.12.08)

Not gonna lie – not very used to sitting during a show. So when I found myself leaning back and settling into the inviting tunes of singers Xiao Liu and Bayan Dalai, there was some initial resistance, slight confusion, and perhaps a bit of fear. But then again, when you’ve got comforting, lush and rich tunes from the budding Xiao Liu, the young singer-songwriter whose slowly finding her voice, and the esteemed Bayan Dalai (of Horse Radio and december3am fame) whose Inner Mongolian (the West end mind you) gruff and desire to explore the outer edges of his ancestors music, it becomes a gift. Sit back, close your eyes, and drift into the stories told through music – full of personality and wonder, at once universal and yet unique to their creators. Yichang Cafe is one such place where you might just find yourself in that situation – so do yourself a favor and check it out this winter.

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