Gig Recap: Auburn (2021.06.25)

Auburn 赤褐色 – Yuyintang 育音堂 2021.06.25

Beijing based indie rock alt-pop-rock ensemble Auburn popped through Yuyintang last Friday as part of the band’s nationwide tour in support of their newest release. While the band has been steadily building a strong fanbase since their humble beginnings in 2013, their latest LP ‘Sunset-Birth’ finds the band breaking out in a big way, crafting lyrically rich songs buzzing with melodic precision and an rustic indie rock sound coated in thick layers of Britpop. For the occasion, the band brought in Chen Zeyang and Erzu Guoji of SNSOS fame. 

Earnest and sincere rock and roll that seems to resonate deep with their fans, I was surprised at how much I was able to allow myself to get swept up by the music, even when I struggled keep the meaning behind every chorus. And while the band, played straight for nearly a hour and a half, it maintained its momentum, wisely spreading out their more riotous tracks amongst its more tender arrangements (with singer Qian Zi going solo for a couple tracks before the finale). 

It’s clear the bands conviction and years of hard work (playing Wednesday night showcases at School and Temple back in Beijing) have paid off – and was a pleasure to see them in their element.

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