Gig Recap: An Corporation, Rat King, Raydio (2021.08.27)

An Corporation, Rat King, Raydio

– C’s 2021.08.27

KAOS reigned supreme last Friday as the monthly series, held at C’s – ‘a neon-smeared collage of DIY art, thrifty attire, sweaty rock and rock, and regretful tattoo decision-making’ – celebrated one year of the communal spirit with a hell of a party. Cake galore, knitted dolls straight out of your nightmares, and some of the most hectic stage set-ups the main room has seen. Seriously, once you’ve managed to get a six-piece band, including a cellist and violinist, situated Tetris-style amongst ravenous crowds – everything else looks like a walk in the park. 

The evening kicked off with a low-key tender performance from Raydio – acting as a palette cleanser (preemptive palette cleanser) to the chaos that was to transpire next. 

Meanwhile, was great to catch up with An Corporation again – the instrumental rock band whose sound is anything but post rock. There’s a sharpness to their arrangements – a baroque world music sound that falls closer to psychedelic music than your run-of-the-mill post rock outfit. And yeah, cello and violins – a nice touch. And proof that C’s can handle your load you multi-tiered instrumental rock bands out there. 

My hip has been slowly turning blue since Sunday and I’ve realized this is all Rat King’s doing. The hardcore ruffians had the crowd in a frenzy and after setting up my post at the corner of the DJ booth (and stubbornly refusing to give up my vantage point) I became a rag doll for the wide-eyed heathens to have at. Do I remember much from their set? Not really. Was it exhilarating? You betcha. And I’ve got the bruises to prove it. 

Happy birthday to KAOS and the beautiful folks who keep this strange runaway train running gloriously off the tracks and into the sky.

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