Gig Recap: 2020 East Bund MIDI Music Festival (2020.10.17)

Gig Recap 现场回顾: MG East Bund MIDI Pie Shanghai 2020上汽名爵·东岸迷笛派: The Bricks 板砖, Mirrors 解离的真实, Brickleberry 脆莓, Stolen 秘密行动, Soundtoy 声音玩具 (2020.10.17)

Have no idea what the theme/concept of this mini version of the MIDI Festival was (the name really is a bland mouthful) but was happy to get in my festival licks last weekend in Shanghai. While not enormous in scale or chock full of acts I can’t complain about a free festival right along The Bund twenty-plus minutes from my home – especially when you’ve got some top-notch acts. 

I rolled up in time to catch the tailend of Hangzhou ska veterans The Bricks sweating it out in the sweltering sun, before Mirrors came on to lay down some psychedelic grooves. The fangirls came out in droves for Beijing Britpop-inflicted rockers Brickleberry – a band that clearly isn’t for me but certainly has the chops. 

After a two-hour break where some found refuge at Aldi, two powerhouse Chengdu acts took the stage – Stolen – once again proving to be a force to be reckoned with, turning the front stage into a cesspool of dancing (I was shocked at how little security there was unhand as bodies were being crushed out against the grates upfront) and Soundtoy, fresh of their stint on The Big Band – they’ve softened their edges over the years but there’s no denying the pull some of their songs have. 

Again – not your average full-day marathon of festivities but as far Saturday outdoor fun smack in the middle of the city – this is pretty damn good. Onwards! 

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