Gig Recap: Dress Code, The Dice, Backspace, Oldy Baby (28.03.2017)

Toward the end of last month, the hangover came bright and early as Xiaoxiao, one of the most notable characters on the music scene here in Beijing, threw a midweek rager to celebrate her arrival on the world. It was an appropriately sloushed evening with some balls out rock and roll that was a bit more unhinged then usual. Dress Code (now Struggle Session) brought down the hardcore law with some aerobatic maneuvering, while The Dice! brought some thick psychedelic musings. However, it was Backspace and Oldy Baby who gave the best performances, the former giving an inspired, honed in set that hit audiences like a sledge hammer (I wouldn’t be surprised if they got signed to Maybe Mars right there and then) and the frantic guitar-drums napalming from Oldy Baby, who barreled through their set with glorious reckless abandon. Whiskey, gin, and rock and roll – what more could you ask for for your birthday?

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