Gig Recap 现场回顾: Object Blue (Dada Bar 2018.06.14)

Contributor: Kirsten Chen

Beijing residents count on Dada Bar to be our spot for dancing into the late hours of the night on any day of the week.  Weeknights tend to feature locals with a more accessible sound, while weekends are for the bigger acts from abroad.  Dada has become a leader in China’s developing underground club music scene, but there’s only a small handful of “mature” DJ’s or labels it can invite.  The few that do exist in China are really good… And unfortunately located outside of the capital city.  So, I was excited to hear that last Thursday’s show with Object Blue was put on by S!LK, an up-and-coming label based in Beijing.  S!LK’s identity is experimental, and its approach is high-energy– Object Blue was scheduled to play a 90-minute live set, but ended up going strong until 4 in the morning.  Her bass-heavy mix of club and techno tracks were perfect for Dada’s impressive sound system, and included samples from Yaeji and Azaelia Banks along with other female voices.  The night closed with a B2B set with Object Blue and Puzzy Stack, who heads S!LK.  I’d recommend keeping an eye out for the next event that S!LK throws, regardless of whether you’re a fan of underground music or not.  S!LK definitely pushing Beijing forward while making things more fun, and isn’t everyone a fan of that?

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