Gig Recap: No Punk Era Showcase (2020.06.13)

No Punk Era 不·朋克时代 w/ Round Eye, Broken Knee, AIRSEX, The Flick 弹簧刀,  Chicken Fever 生瘟鸡 @ Yuyintang 育音堂 2020.06.13

Finally made my way back to Yuyintang OG – a place that never ceases to bring a smile to my face. The occasion, a night chock full of punk rock. And a diverse bunch it was – from reggae jams to doo-wop throwdowns – with a bit of something for everyone. 

Things kicked off with Raw Chicken 生瘟鸡, out of Suzhou, – a no-frills, cardigan-wearing, grunge-infused punk trio that leaned into their lyricism. Grizzled yet spirited, there was an authenticity to them that carried them through their set. 

Up next were Shanghai’s own The Flick, an old school anthem-spilling punk outfit that some genuine pop sensibilities, often reminding me of a young fresh-faced Brain Failure. Serious musical chops finding the guitarist and bassist buttering the crowd up like none other, busting out solos and having a grand ol’ time. 

Who would have thought Nantong could harbor such a wild n’ out outfit like Airsex? If the name didn’t give it away, these cats were a ball of giddy fun – a band that furiously blends everything from British punk, post-punk and synth-pop with reckless abandon. All the while it’s untamed singer somehow managed to down a beer over the course of each song all the while sustaining his electrifying charisma. I want more AIRSEX now! 

Another Suzhou outfit, Broken Knee falls more into the category of old school ska punk albeit with an affinity of blues, reggae and grunge that at times felt bewildering. Musically though, it works wonders, with the crowd eating up each and every nail pin turn in their style. 

The evening closed out with a wild-eyed set from Shanghai vets Round Eye, who are prepping for the release of their newest opus of frenzied doo-wop infused punk rock. As always, their set was shift and surgical, thirty minutes of dangerously combustible rock and roll that never lets its foot off the gas. Keep your eyes out for their new LP – due to drop anyway now.

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