Gig Recap: ​Foster Parents, SNSOS, Backspace, Boiled Hippo (School 2017.07.01)

Hosted Shanghai’s Foster Parents for the latest installment of Schoolhouse Rock and what an absolute blast. Good energy, good folks, and killer music from some of my favorite bands out there.

Despite some technical difficulties that leave the Shanghai boys hanging for ten minutes, the duo gave a masterful performance of autumnal math rock ditties that almost makes you forgot just how dense and detailed their performance is (lots of music geeks looking down at their set up throughout). Loved it.

Backspace continues riding their wave of success giving another triumphant performance that was the perfect adrenaline kick for the evening – noisy melodic indie rock that’s wild yet precise. Know how I get saying these cats are gonna be signed by year’s end. Trust me on this one. Let’s just hope they find a suitable home when they are mature and evolve on their own terms.

Speaking of evolutions, She Never Sings Our Songs are essentially a jack of all trades now – post rock, dream pop, math rock – seems these four have no problem whatsoever jumping from one canvas to the other, and I couldn’t be happier. While too many bands seem content with the basic foundations of post rock music, SNSOS takes pleasure in playing in a bigger sandbox. Get these guys a record already!


Not so much an evolution but a complete renovation – Boiled Hippo has ditched the slowdive burn of their first incarnation and have jumped down the Middle-Eastern psychedelic rock hole – full of erotic riffs, offbeat guitar rhythms and some surprisingly beautiful intonation from lead Abing. Very much digging the new sounds they’re cooking up.

All in all, a hell of an evening. Thanks to all the fine folks who came out and of course the wonderful bands. Till the next Schoolhouse Rock!

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